What Does the Future of Leadership Look Like?

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world – and will continue to be for the next decades. But riding the wave of innovation and disruption means not just acquiring previously unheard of technical skills but also understanding and managing the human side of progress.

The Asia Leadership Forum is dedicated to helping leaders initiate change and manage progress in their organizations and communities. It is where the realities and contradictions of the region are seen through the lens of leading-edge Harvard thought leadership and its practice. It is where leaders come together to clarify their values, their True North in a world that is constantly spinning.

Learn, network, and listen to Harvard experts on how you can reinvent yourself and your organization to lead in times of hyper-uncertainty. Join us in this year’s ALF and learn how leaders like you can start creating the future today.

Here is what we have in store for you

  • Seven international speakers from Harvard University and other world-leading institutions. They will share 2-3 key practical leadership takeaways you can immediately apply. Listen, learn, and network as these subject matter experts share with you Harvard thought leadership and practices.
  • Relevant cases and examples for the Asian leader. The global center is shifting to Asia – and with it, the conventional wisdom on leadership. Learn how leadership skills and frameworks can be reinvented for the irresistibly dynamic Asian context. Find out why the leader of the future isn’t just tech savvy but culturally intelligent.
  • Steps to prepare for the “Future of Leadership”. Organizations have been preparing for the Future of Work, but how many think about the unexplored challenges for future leaders? Benefit from compelling insights that will inform not just your organization’s blueprint for the next half decade but your own career path as well.
  • Networking and collaboration. Evolve your career organically by networking with potential clients, mentors, and collaborators — and learn at the same time!
  • Sustained learning and growth. What sets the future-ready leader apart is non-stop learning. Gain access to post-event learning opportunities through our #AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with our ALF speakers.

Kuching | 6 November

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Kuala Lumpur | 9 November

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Samuel Kim

MPA, Harvard University
President, Center for Asia Leadership

David Shore

Faculty in Public Health
Harvard University

Steve Jarding

Faculty in Public Policy
Harvard University

Dean Williams

Faculty in Public Policy
Harvard University

Laura Thompson

Fellow, Harvard University

Martin Attiq

Fellow, Harvard University
MBA, Stanford University

Rahul Daswani

MPP, Harvard University
Consultant, GovTech & Mckinsey